Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring Chicken -thats me.

It was my birthday on Thursday, first day of Spring.(Yes, I know some think it the 20th...)   As we know in this country it has not been exactly spring like.

What the pictures do not show is the howling winds which have brought the temperatures even lower.

All family departed now.  Quiet!  Toys packed away.  But then you dont really need bought toys or play equipment.

Dried pasta, a bowl, a jug and a wooden spoon.  

Dont even need a fancy push chair.

Yesterday the DP told me to be ready to go out at 6.30p.m.  I was all set for an early night and a glass of red, having refrained all week.  You cant risk small children knocking yer glass over.  Plus, said small child had woken me up at varying intervals during the night, boy can that child scream.

But it appeared I had no choice.  Our friends duly collected us and off we went into the freezing blast and horizontal sleet.  "Is this really a good idea?"

Well, yes.

As we arrived at the Lighthouse Museum, I said, "It doesnt launch til next Friday."  This being the Museums evening restaurant new venture.

Well what a (late) Birthday surprise this was!

Starters, choice of Cullen Skink Soup,

Scallops on Black Pudding, which I had, wow!

and Leek and Crowdie (Scottish cheese) tartlets.

For the main course the choice was Rump Steak, Haddock or a Vege burger.  Made with Chick Peas (which we had a taste of and was delicious.)

Dessert was Sticky Toffee Pudding, A Fruit Crumble or Something Creme Brulee.

All freshly cooked to order, all locally sourced food.  Nothing like this for miles around, the Restaurant should be a success.  And what surroundings!

When we asked for the charge.  And a bouquet of flowers for me.  Ever seen a spring chicken cry?

(Footnote:  The staff now have nerves calmed knowing they can put on this superb food, and are looking forward to filling restaurant with proper punters.  And a large donation to Lighthouse Funds from the Happy Guinea Pigs.)


♥ Tina said...

Happy belated birthday dear Spring Chicken! Gosh, I'm really hungry now!! I hope the new venture is a rip-roaring success!

(cute little one and her simple happiness with play cooking...aww!)


BadPenny said...

How lovely. You deserved that treat Jill. Good luck to the restaurant.
No wine for me this week ( well til Friday anyway ) as I'm trying to shed a few pounds each week.

Laurie said...

what a wonderful meal, that was a great night out wasn't it. Happy birthday a few days late!
That's a wonderful menu.

rusty duck said...

Happy belated birthday Jill.
The meal looks and sounds fantastic and what a wonderful gesture from the Museum.
Wish I was nearer!!

Mum said...

Happy Birthday to you. What a fantastic surprise party.
Love from Mum

christinelaennec said...

A very happy belated birthday to you, Jill! How wonderful that you were able to help the staff have a trial run as a way to celebrate! ;-)

BadPenny said...

PS I forgot to send birthday wishes & say pots & pans make great toys !

Marjorie said...

What a lovely treat for you. Happy Belated birthday.