Friday, 5 October 2012

I seem to remember retiring....

From working with behaviourally challenged children.

Nappies and breast feeding.

Running a bed and breakfast.

Running a playgroup.

On the checkout at Morrisons Supermarket.

Not necessarily in the above order.  And there's loads more but we haven't got all day.

When does the putting your feet up kick in?

I spent all of Monday interviewing for a job at the Lighthouse Museum.  From 9a.m. til after 7p.m.

Tuesday morning I was organising the wonderful volunteers for the Kids Activity Mornings to be held later this month at the Lighthouse Museum.

Tuesday afternoon I was doing my stint at the Lighthouse in the shop/admission desk.

Part of the afternoon I was up in the cafe clearing tables and washing up.  What?  I dont even do that at home, havent the time.

Wednesday morning was art group and I was told my next task was to organise an art exhibition followed by our group entering for North East Open Studios, next September.  Oh yeah.  

In the afternoon I knocked up a poster for the wonderful volunteers Christmas Card Challenge.
Got it on various facebook pages and out to the press.

Thursday afternoon another art group.  Where we were let loose with acrylics, not a medium I am comfortable with, so after a crap sea scene I did a birthday card for my soon to be one year old grandson.

Thank goodness he has not yet developed speech to comment on sad tiger.

So now it is Friday and I finally got to do what retirement should be about.
Down the shed, opera, 

and drawing.

Oh, forgot to mention, I am learning how to crochet for when I retire.


Mum said...

Yes, retirement doesn't really mean you stop doing, does it? I'm having great difficulty fitting ironing and hoovering in at the moment. I've been dancing 3 times this week and volunteered at the shop today. Who wants to stop, though. Retirement is only the beginning.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Busy lady. I love your tiger ! I seem to take on more & more unpaid work !
that was a long interview...whatever did you do all day ?

Jill Chandler said...

I managed almost an hour watching the happenings at the harbour. We fitted in lunch! But the last interviewee was at 6p.m.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Love this post Jill :)