Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Following the morning meeting of the Lighthouse Volunteers Craft group at the Mission, I went off to start my weekly stint at being in charge of the shop and front desk at the Lighthouse Museum.

Views of the shop.  Wherein I amble round and upset the person responsible for merchandising, by saying we havent enough lighthouse stuff.

Here is the entrance to the actual museum.  Lots of lights.

Great picture of one of the steamie boats that took over from sail, out to catch some herring.  Leaving Fraserburgh Harbour.

More lights.  Now somewhere along the way I have volunteered (press ganged) into cleaning these lights, "When its quiet."  Hmmm.  Must remember to pack the white vinegar and the e cloths next week.

Above the lights are the names of all the lighthouses.  Just glad we havent got all their lights to clean.

This plaque commemorates the fact that the Russian First Ambassador to Britain was shipwrecked off Kinnaird Head 10 November 1556.  (He was saved but taken captive for four months before being taken to Edinburgh.  The gold, silver, furs and jewellery were never found.......) (Although handed back were parcels of wax and items of low value.)

Not sure what the cannon is for, may find out if it works while cleaning all those b***** lights.

Far worse than shipwrecks.. the cafe is shut.  A cowl blew off the roof, upsetting the air conditioning in the cafe, so its being repaired.  However it does mean while the cafe is shut the staff are doing the big clean, so it wont have to shut again for that being done.

Despite all that, cafe is due to re-open Thursday.  So our crafters, parents and kids coming to the Activity Morning will be able to once more enjoy the home bakes.  And soup.

I have six pumpkins to carve for Saturday night for the event " The Night the Light Went Out."    Which promises to be a spooky night as visitors hunt for the ghosts in the Lighthouse.  Pumpkin soup a by product!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, not long til I get to see all this for real! :) Very smart of the kitchen folk to use the closure to their advantage. :) Great pics, xx

A Trifle Rushed said...

What a great museum and good luck with the pumpkins:-) I hope the evening goes well.

BadPenny said...

I hate cleaning brass - my grandmother loved it !
What a wonderful place with so much going on.
Hope the cafe is up & running again soon to treat all the visitors & crafters. Halloween activities sound great - I'm going to the dentist on Halloween ... now that IS scary !!!

Anonymous said...

You can imagine my intense relief when I read the cafe will soon be re-opening! It all looks so beautiful. I've not been there for years (used to go a lot with young children and visitors) and I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for shining up all those lenses for us!

tales from a handmade home said...

That's alot of pumpkin soup Jill, there's something very romantic about lighthouses, except having to clean all those lights of course!