Friday, 19 October 2012

Power of the People.

The Four Corners sits overlooking the sea, inland , towards the Lighthouse Museum  and towards the harbour.  Once it was a shelter from the elements, you could pick a corner which was out of the wind.  It had benches for you to sit on and was rubbish free.

Via Facebook a group of people gathered together and decided to do something about it.

They cleaned off the graffiti.

Picked up all the broken bottles, empty drink cans, and other detritus.

Isobel Gregory, local artist, reminded them of how it was.

A local decorator gave his time, and materials free.

Sadly, the graffiti paint sprayers returned.

But so did the decorator.  There was such an outcry on Facebook and the local press it hasnt been vandalised again.

And the council are providing bins.  Everyone is providing plants, planters, a local joiner is making new benches.  Signs have gone up indicating it is a no drinking zone.  The Police are including it in their patrols.  And so it goes on.  

Power to the People.


BadPenny said...

WOW ! Now that's a make over. I really really hope it stays graffitti free. Wonderful !

( ginger kitten ???!!! )

Mum said...

Definitely. Why let the minority spoil it for the majority?
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

Well if that isn't a heartwarming story I don't know what is. Local pride can be a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Go go go the people! Fantastic! :)