Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Creatures of the deep.

Another of our visitor attractions that remains open all year round is the Macduff Marine Aquarium.

Here you get close up, very close up, to the creatures that live in the seas around our North East Corner.

Other creatures of the deep are the deep thinkers that are otherwise known as the Volunteers at the Lighthouse Museum.  We are now planning our Kids Activity Mornings which take place during what is known by some as 'half term' and others as "Tattie Picking Fortnight."  Many years ago kids were let out of school to help with the potato picking harvest.   School closes around here on Friday.  So the Thursday mornings after that we will be doing craft sessions at the Lighthouse Museum.

Here are some of the volunteers sorting out the donated goodies we have to plan the two mornings. The first will have a Halloween theme, masks, ghosts, pumpkins etc.  The second week will have a Christmas theme, which to be honest, we do seem to be a bit light on.  Difficult to gear up to just now, but I am sure we will get there.

I then went on to the Lighthouse Museum to do my stint being front of house, and in amongst the tourists, we had over 80 primary school children from Stonehaven (below Aberdeen) who came, saw, and decimated the shop.  One wee, obviously future candidate for Dragons Den, child, waved five sticks of rock at me selling at 25p each and said, " Is it 5 for a pound?"  I peered over the counter at this miniature Mr Sugar and said, "Nice try, but no, they are 25p each that means £1.25."  "Ok, I will put one back then."  What do you do?  Creatures of the deep?  I gave her the five sticks and put the 25p in the till myself.


BadPenny said...

Ha Ha ! That kid will go far !

Love the underneath of the Ray

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Those sea creatures are incredible, perenially fascinating :D