Friday, 26 October 2012

The Night the Light Went Out.

Some of the Lighthouse Volunteers, and moi, had six pumpkins to carve this morning.

This is us in the cafe.

Some took it rather seriously.

Others did not.

But I think we did ok.

Although, one of the pumpkins to the rear with the raised bit, which was mine, I then realised why the instructions said to cut the lid on a slant, if you dont, it just falls in... And the one on the left which had to have major surgery as it got dropped on the floor and split from nose to .... had to be sewn up, fortunately one of our number was an ex theatre nurse.

All this for tomorrow's event at the Lighthouse Museum, Which is titled, The Night the Light Went Out.  A vast number of tickets sold to be taken up the lighthouse and be scared to death with all the ghost stories, both genuine and made up.  

I, for one, know there are ghosts within the museum.  There is a vast store room in the bowels of the building and I can go in there, sort out the resources required for the Activity Mornings, go back in within half an hour and  can I find them ?  No.  And not a whiff of red wine.

The cafe opened for business just after we had finished and this wee boy (and all of us) watched the waves pounding in, the skies darkened, and wham we had snow up the windows.

And the light went out.


saving for travel said...

Great pumpkins! Looks like real fun.

I love those dramatic waves.

Sft x

Susan T said...

Wow Jill I love your new header photo. I would have liked to have seen the waves from that window. I love rough seas, watching them of course, preferably while drinking something hot and soothing.

BadPenny said...

ooh snow on the windows ...looks amazing ( nice & cosy inside of course )
Great pumpkin carving - I used to do one every year with the kids til some sod kicked it down the lane ( probably the same sod who stole Joe's bike ) Still have treeats in for the Trick or Treaters though.

hope all goes well x

Mum said...

Oooh errr!!!
Love from Mum