Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It is nearly Christmas.

The  Challenge I set myself was getting the poster translated into a variety of languages.  Here in Fraserburgh we have people living with their families who are from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Portugal.  In my naivety, following volunteering in the primary schools I thought I could obtain translations in Polish and Lithuanian, not realising there were so many more, and I bet I have missed some. (Yorkshire for example), and I probably should do one more in Doric!

I really hate racism in any form and thought at the very least it showed we welcomed everyone into the museum.  I met this lovely lady called Magda.  She is Polish.  And she knew other people who are not Broch born and bred and they, together, have provided me with translations for the above poster.  And what is more will do so for anything else I want to put out.  

It was a bit strange to go into one of the shops that sells Polish food, sausages looked really yummy, to be met by a chap who appeared to go into shock when I asked him if he could put up the posters.  There must have been one of them he could read!  Unless he was from somewhere else, perhaps I should have asked that first,......

So this week I have been arranging printers to produce the actual winning Christmas Card.

And rounding up the troops for the Kids Activity Mornings (one tomorrow and one next Thursday).

We gathered at the Lighthouse Museum a merry gang of volunteers, most of them spent their time directing the hanging of Halloween Pumpkins and other scary stuff from the ceiling.  The few of us remaining went into the store and tried to sort out and have everything ready that would be required tomorrow.  (And were also left to put everything back in the store room as the ceiling decorating gang decided it was coffee time.)

Later in the afternoon I was doing my stint at the front desk in the Museum.  The children who were visiting the museum with their parents had great fun bringing me all the pumpkins, bats, broom sticks that had fell off the ceiling.

I leave you with my latest Christmas Card pic.

Unfortunately I am too old to enter the competition.
And way too old to be organising Kids Activity Mornings.


BadPenny said...

That is so thoughtful of you & I love your card.

Joe came home from school once to tell about his new teachers for that year ..." I've got two Ski's " he said.
I answered " You need two Poles to go with them "

I love Polish names & have a few Polish friends.

Hope you get a good responce.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic to be so inclusive of EVERYONE in your community. Bravo! Love your latest design, I think it's my favourite one. xxx