Sunday, 30 September 2012

After the storm.

Mounds and mounds of sea weed on Fraserburgh Beach, which is normally just golden sands.

No boats out yesterday!

A sad tragedy of the storm.

The Loch of Strathbeg near Crimond, just south of us.

Thousands and thousands of pink footed geese return here every year from Iceland, along with some Barnacle Geese, to spend the winter with us.

From now until Spring next year we hear them calling every morning as they leave the Loch to go out into the fields to feed.  Then as dusk gathers they return.

Their presence attracts others.  Above is a Marsh Harrier.  But bigger predators, such as Sea Eagles, also stop by. 

Which certainly causes a storm among the geese.


BadPenny said...

Sad to see the seal. I love the Geese returning every autumn - not as many as you have though !

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Did you see the photos of the sea foam covering Footdee in Aberdeen? I'm sure quite a few treasures have been washed up by that storm.

Susan T said...

We live near a wildfowl trust and it is lovely to see the geese flying over. You really do live in a wonderful part of the world, it looks like your own nature reserve.