Monday, 22 October 2012

A multicoloured blog.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here.  Sunny, warm and still.  I planted almost all of the 1oo Allium Bulbs  and 70 Crocus's.

This is how they will look.  You have to dream don't you?

For the first time ever in many, many years, the DP has mastered the art of compost bins, and atop the planted bulbs was spread this lovely loamy compost.  No pictures, as really, all it resembles is s***.

I then proceeded to prune an Escallonia to within an inch of its life.  But then, you can't kill them can you?  It had become extremely leggy with all this flowery bit on top, looked ridiculous.

I also pruned the roses and on standing back thought "Well you've managed to destroy them then."  
But on checking the internet, they look just like this.

Which is the correct way!  Impressed.  As mine look pretty much the same.

Sith, meanwhile was being extremely silly.  Cats get like this sometimes.  He occasionally has a gallop round the house and does wheelies, or pawies under the bed.  This day he decided to shoot up one of the trees.

What you do, is run up, toss your head to one side,  and then, and then, you wonder how to get back down again.  Hoping the human watching will go away so as not to set them off laughing.

This morning was a misty one.

But eventually I could see the washing still  out from yesterday, and the sun came out eventually, and I then decided I had better bring it in.  Damp, hey ho.

The forecast is for snow at the end of the week, preceded by something called red rain ?  How can you get red rain from the Sahara Desert, and then Snow from the North?

Any answers?  


Susan T said...

Snow by the end of the week!! I think I would rather stick with the red rain. A very atmospheric last photo.

momto8blog said...

the colors of those flowers are so beautiful!
I love my compost plants do anyway!!
snow?! we here in Pa have had only one frost so far this year...not ready for winter yet!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Oh the hope of spring'll keep us cheery when the snow comes! xx

BadPenny said...

snow ? Red rain ? The world's gone mad ! Husband hates that red rain which usually falls just after he has washed & polished a very WHITE boat !
Your display of Allium & crocus will be stunning.
We call it a " mad moment " when cats or dog do that ( not up a tree for dog of course ! )

I have two composters on the go. The hens' poop was fabulous compost. Trouble is I add everything & I know you shouldn't put onion peel & citrus ... I'm going to look up what can / can't be added now !
I hate escallonia ! Not pruning anything as it all looks so pretty at the mo !

Laura Amy said...

Hi Jill,

Apologies for the irrelevance to your blog post, but i've just seen online that Theatre Modo, who are working with young people in the Broch at present, are looking for photographers to take some photos of their parades in Aden Park & Fraserburgh over the next few weeks and your husband came instantly to mind. If he's at all interested, there's more info on their facebook page
If you haven't already been to one of their parades, they're well worth checking out!

Onyhoo, quite off topic. Hope this finds you well x

justjill said...

Thanks Laura Amy, Theatre Modo I know well about, are you going to do your wonderful photography too!