Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lighthouse Museum Activities.

What a fantastic morning of activities!

The Kids loved it, the parents loved it.

We loved it!

Just look at this cool guy who also loved it!  

A Lighthouse drawn by a 3 year old.  

An 8 year old.

Another 8 year old.

An 11 year old.

Just amazing.  We now have lots if entries to our Lighthouse Museum Competition.

We also have a lot of shattered volunteers! 

But we do have fun, same as the parents we stimulate, to show them what fun can be gained from sitting down with pencil, pen, glue, scissors, recycled bits and pieces - cost minimal, 

What sticks in my brain, is - at the end of the session when no-one wanted to go home and most of the kids were running riot, I shouted, " Right, lets see who can pick up the most bits of paper."  "10 bits, who has 2o bits?, any more on that?"

And the floor was cleared, rubbish in the bin, in 10 minutes, if that!

Lighthouse Museum Activities.  Satisfaction all round.


BadPenny said...

FAB- U- LUS !!!
Oh what fun - I adore those drawings and playing "Let's pick up the rubbish" was inspired.

Thanks for your comment - we tried everything over the years. Jess & Joe are now both avid readers so somewhere something went right for them...
( they still can't spell but hey... neither can most of the population of the country !!! )

Anonymous said...

Brill! Well done all of you! (clever you with the bits of paper at the end!) When I did youth work, one of the other leaders used to say "okay, take a seat" to the teens, rather than "sit down!!!" Worked every time. :)

justjill said...

Oh, Penny, how I hate the labels, dyxslexia what have you, they are all individuals, and if you can get beyond the bloody label the limitation horizon disappears. My kids all had their labels, we ignored them and so did they, I am not going to brag on here for them, look beyond and do what you do do and revel in your kids fantastic achievements.x

BadPenny said...

I agree Jill but used to get cross when at Primary school they refused to label and called it a "specific learning difficulty" my a** ! they were Dyslexic & needed help !
We did a lot ourselves with tutors & things and one or two fabulous teachers inspired them ( others I still shudder )
Jess was up against being removed from the top achievers ( creme de la creme ) table where all her friends remained - they are ALL at uni now. I don't think any really really ever understood how hard it was for her. Some of them are very stressed at uni & missing home terribly.
I simply support and encourage xx