Friday, 12 October 2012

As winter draws near.

Our rooms take on a designated role, without one really being aware of it.

The Sitting Room is the cosy one, as night draws on, the curtains are closed, the fire stoked up.

Today we lit the fire in the morning and with the odd log along the way it has kept the whole downstairs comfortable, and we have not had to resort to the liquid gold until early evening it went on for an hour, and then off again.  More so we could eat in comfort and that as I took a loo break there were no screams.  (My loo seat is the coldest ever.)

My knitting waits and homework on the, unmastered as yet, art of crochet.  And a book to read while knitting and whatever is on the tele...can go in one ear and out the other.

Minerva waits for the DP and his knee.

In the kitchen its Toad in the Hole.

Kitchen table is for breakfast and lunch.

Dining room is for evening meal, no longer able to sit and watch the wild life out of the window, its now dark at 6p.m.  

The DP does his reading in here so as to be able to glance up at the bird life, but the hours of daylight are narrowing now.

The bedroom - is for sleeping!  Sith can be found here most of the day, but does deign to move to the foot of the bed when the humans wish to slumber.

The bed is also a good place for me to sort through my cards for the next exhibition.

And - albeit a bedroom and this is a dressing table in it, it is also my work station.

And of course the room for the afternoon, whenever I can, is the shed!

I hope that whichever room you are in, you have a pleasant, cosy evening.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, you have a very cosy and nice home! :) (love your funky, colourful dining chairs!)

I could bring my crochet stuff to the blogger's meet-up if you want a quick demo? :) xx

simplyvintage said...

What a beautiful cosy home, I just love that chair that Minerva has commandeered. Linda xxx

BadPenny said...

aww that's nice. Thanks for the "Through the keyhole" peek into your home.
I tried to teach myself to crochet ...for about half an hour !

Susan T said...

You have done it again, shown me your log burning stove, just as the nights are drawing in here and I am left with an ugly electric fire. Deeply envious.

Linda said...

Interested in your wood burning stove. We are having an ongoing debate about whether to replace an open fireplace in the house we will move to eventually in Moray with a stove. Husband favours a stove, because he's into all things Scandinavian and says it is more heat efficient, I don't want to lose the immediacy of an open fire - which already throws out tremendous heat. How to resolve the dilemma?