Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Light Went Out.....

Last night at the Lighthouse Museum there was the most fantastic, scary, tour.

The only lighting was from Pumpkin lanterns, and storm lanterns, as we were led into the lighthouse, up the stairs, and into the day room, long abandoned by the keepers.

We listened to ghost stories.  Of long times past.  In the eerie light, throwing shadows up the walls.  The story of the fisherman who was saved by a long dead lighthouse keeper, and being of the practical sort, also saved his catch of herrings.

We were read a poem about, the true story, of the three keepers who disappeared from Flannan Isle by Wilfred Wilson Gibson.  I tell you, sitting in the room where it looks as if the keepers have just walked out, listening to the tale of how these three left the room much the same, and were never seen again, apart from the sound of the elements outside, not a word.  Flickering of lanterns and pumpkins, and then I heard my friend whisper, Tena Ladies.  

From the lighthouse we went to the Wine Tower where the daughter of the laird was imprisoned for falling in love with a piper.  He drowned from his incarceration beneath.  She threw herself off onto the rocks and died as she realised the awful truth.  The piper can still be heard.

And if I could upload the video, you could hear it too, but I cant, ok?

This was where that story was told, to the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks below us.

On our way out we saw the teddy bear that belonged to the ghost of Wilhelmina, daughter of a lighthouse keeper, who had a tragic end.  By the gate she used to swing on, and was removed following her death.

But you can still hear the squeak of the gate..........


saving for travel said...

That sounds like a brilliant event!

Wish we'd been there.

I can understand your passion for lighthouses.

They are just beautiful.

Sft x

Susan T said...

Rather you than me. I am an awful wuss and wouldn't have been able to sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Very spooky! (Though I did laugh out loud at 'Tena Ladies'!) How cool to have some real, local, ghost stories. The Flannan Isles mystery continues to fascinate people. I have a friend who did a half-hour piece for Grampian tv a few years ago about it. Such a puzzle!

Mum said...

Ooooooh! I'm glad I'm in safe and sound.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

oooh I'd love to have been there. How atmospheric & eerie. The pumpkins look great.