Saturday, 13 October 2012

Thwarted at every turn.

This mornings view from the Lighthouse Cafe.  That is the foghorn and the North Sea in spate.

I really should not be sorting stuff out at the Lighthouse....but get planting.

The above are Allium Bulbs, and there are a 100 of them....

This lot I discovered in a drawer down the shed which should also be planted NOW.

But every time I am ready so to do the weather is awful.  When the weather is conducive to manic gardening I am stuck sorting stuff out at the Lighthouse Museum, or at Art group (s) or otherwise engaged.  Like down the shed.

Cairnbulg Harbour when it was wild and windy, cant garden then can you.

Teasels, prickly they are, though I have managed to grow some from seed, though they do now need potting on.....

And no, it isnt yet snowing, but you do have to think about Christmas Cards now dont you.

So back to gardening.  This is October.  So I have Stargazer Lilies blooming.

Welsh Poppies ( I think - I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.)

And Marigolds.

Struggling Gladioli.

And the side bed just waiting to be crammed with bulbs - and weeded quite severely first.

Just hope tomorrow it does not rain or blow.  Or it will be thwarted again.


simplyvintage said...

Thank you for the supportive comment on my blog. I love your Christmas card design, it's beautiful. Linda xxx

Susan T said...

Your weather sounds like ours, yesterday we went into the nearest town and as we were returning it seemed as if our village had it's own personal rain cloud hovering above it, it was funny until the downpour.

BadPenny said...

You have a lot of colour in your garden. I love Alliums & yours will look stunning.

Anonymous said...

I'm just the same - loads of bulbs to plant but it's been rotten weather this afternoon. Your Welsh poppies (I think that's correct - but are they also California poppies?) are beautiful. Is that catmint they are growing in? And I just love those marigolds. I have a few in my garden too - volunteers.