Sunday, 7 October 2012

Birthdays and other stuff.

First lets deal with getting rid of the awful word verification.  For a while I have considered returning to the opticians!
Go into settings... under 'post and comments'  should be the word verification stuff and you simply untick it.
I would love everyone to do this as after a while of it coming up, just to prove you are not a robot, you stop bothering to comment.... To be honest only a bloody robot could read some of them.  And why the French house number sign?????  Sometimes that is so blurred that I doubt my sanity let alone my vision.

Right, enough.  After my very crammed week I was hoping to relax, down the shed, with the wine and the opera you know the rest.... Then we had the phone call that one of the close relatives was to visit.  

It is the DP's birthday today.

Last evening we were taken out for a meal by our friends, Kerry and Mike.  This is us waiting for our food but it was well worth the wait.  The DP and I had even unknowingly managed to be colour coordinated.  

Unlike some bloggers by the time we were served I was not in the mind of taking photos of the food, I ate it.

Today as I sit here sipping the wine the DP is off to Aberdeen to collect the relative.  So on his birthday he, she and me are having a Chinese Take Away, as he doesn't want to be cooking this late, and will be starving, and he gets a mite stroppy when he is hungry.  Hey ho.

Earlier this week he was out on his Dawn Patrolling.

And what did he espy...The Flying Dutchman.  Coming in to Fraserburgh Harbour.  Trust that Penny's partner is as excited as most of Fraserburgh was, there were so many photographers down there, alerted by others, you couldn't move for 'em.

Just to bring you back down to earth, or the shore line or whatever, this is not the Flying Dutchman, but a trawler off out to catch langoustines.  Yum.

And this is a very happy looking boat, now why do I say that?  It just looks happy, even though it is out of the water, perhaps it is happy to be clean.  No barnacles.

And presumably owned by Argos?  Or has it do with Jason and the Golden Fleece or have I totally lost the plot.

Today was also my grandson Theo's first birthday.  Last year we sat having the DP's birthday meal and had regular texts and mobile phone calls, which for me put me off my dinner, and everyone around us in the restaurant.

" The waters have broken, "  I announced, 

"The head is showing, "  

then he was born and we could all relax.

For anyone else having a birthday, or just sharing a glass of wine with me, cheers.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday DP! :)

Thanks for telling me about the craft fair, I'll have to pass this time, as I wouldn't be able to have enough stuff made by then. Next time maybe though?

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! xx

Susan T said...

Jill I think I have managed to turn off the dreaded WV thank you. Happy Birthday to your other half, wonderful photos as ever especially your darling grandson, love the name.

Marjorie said...

Happy Birthday to your DP and Theo. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

BadPenny said...

Cheers ! your text commentry over last year's birthday meal made me giggle.
Had a giggle on a train recently...the whole carriage shared the mobile phone conversation of a rather loud young man !

Lovely boats - will show husband x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

It's my birthday on Saturday ... so cheers, Jill and Happy Birthday to the DP :D

Another thought for you re. commenting. When you comment on knitsofacto and I follow the link that's your name I find myself not here on your blog but on your Google+ page and I often can't proceed from there.

Jill Chandler said...

Oh Annie, this is my next fight with Blogger, I have tried every which way to stop it. I have been unable to get out of this google chrome rubbish which no-one uses. I cannot put my profile up anymore, and to add insult to injury if I go on to look it says I am not a friend - of myself, so cant view! Help anyone?