Saturday, 18 February 2012

Art or vandalism?

A sculpture by Sydney James Burnett, erected in the late sixties at Fraserburgh Community Centre.    It depicts Seagulls.

 Photograph by Stanley Bruce.

As you can see it has been subjected to a lot of graffiti.  Should that have been cleaned off?

Or had done to it what one of Fraserburgh's artists in residence got the kids to do to it?

Which, according to some of the natives, is indeed vandalism.  And encourages kids tro daub other works of art.

I tend to agree, not sure what Mr Burnett thinks.

Now a few images of Spring.

Memories of primary school days when there was always a jug of catkins in the classroom in Spring!

Now two robins in the garden.  The Dawn Patroller has along with other nest boxes, erected one the Robins should like.  I am sure you are all aware that different birds have a preference on their boudoirs, hole, no hole, large hole, small hole, ledge, platform of twigs, somebody elses nest.....

I spent almost an hour watching this lot of Rooks and Jackdaws.  Wheeling around the field, landing, taking off again.  I just thought it was like the Mecca of my old days where you drifted about, did a bit of a dance, keeping your eye on the talent around before homing in.  They were not feeding.  Definitely eyeing up the possible future partner.

So I really feel Spring is on its way.

Pity about the weather forecast.


Mum said...

Spring and Christmas all rolled into one. I must admit that I couldn't work out the seagulls in the first picture but I could in the second!
Love from Mum
PS I hope I can work out the letters to type in to get this comment to you. I think I must be a robot.
Second go now!

A Trifle Rushed said...

I agree re the sculpture, and am rather shocked that an artist in residence would do that!
The rooks and jackdaws look quite magical. What a wonderful photograph.

Annie said...

Definitely vandalism. It totally devalues the piece as a work of art. What is the point of art at all if you don't see it as an expression of the artists individualism. And not liking it doesn't justify what's been done. It's just bigger, bolder graffiti than the jottings it covers, which to me had more value as marks of interaction with the piece, even if they were motivated by boredom rather than interest. Did they have the artist's permission?

Anonymous said...

the sculpture is white once more relocated outside new sports centre feb 2014. stan bruce