Thursday, 16 February 2012


Before we start - this carpet of snowdrops is just across the road.

We have birds pairing up now, blackbirds defending their territory.  If they have not returned to their breeding homeland, did you know blackbirds migrate?  No neither did I but the Dawn Patroller tells me so.

Yesterday I went to Peterhead to have my hair done.  My last session was with a picture of Lulu and my hairdresser did me proud.  I was thrilled. 

Not a lot Ange could do with the face, but she came through with the hair.

Unfortunately this visit she went mad with the scissors.  I look more like Barbara Windsor. or even worse Myra Hindley.

Bouffant - I thought that went out with the dinosaurs.

At least I wasnt offered a blue rinse.

"Do you need a help with your bag packing?"   Well now you come to mention it........


lily said...

Snowdrops, the first sign of Spring.........hairdressers scare me, luckily my youngest daughter is in her second year of hairdressing and she cuts my hair beautifully x

Annie said...

Oh dear, but you have given me a good giggle ;D

BadPenny said...

Thanks for the giggle here and over at mine ( I can't believe you said that ! )
I take a picture of Meg Ryan to the hairdressers - her shorter choppy style having had a sort of Jilly Cooper thing going on ! I'm told that Meg Ryan & Lulu are the most asked for styles. Love Lulu's hair but not brave enough to go that short.
Hoping to see some snowdrops this weekend.

Christine Laennec said...

What beautiful snowdrops! I don't what to say about the hairdresser except I've grown mine out into kind of a long bob so that I don't have to face the What If of the all-over haircut. Not that I am suggesting anyone else take this approach, but getting a haircut is SO risky!