Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hitting the ground running.

First a bit of calm before the storm.  These daffodils are blooming, today, wild, in the North East of Scotland, just down the lane.

These birds are warming up as day breaks.

And this is what Fraserburgh's new swimming pool will look like.  Opening January 2013.

One of the local head teachers has drawn up a plan to involve all the school children in the area for them to design - oh anything, from art work to park benches.....and she thought it would be a good idea (and cheaper) to involve all the wonderful artists and craft persons in the area.  So who did she land on?  Yep, the Knitting Nancies.
We had an hour and a half's presentation yesterday and I came out reeling.
The Knitting Nancies I should point out just dont do knitting.  We do embroidery, painting, collage, mosaics, whatever we fancy really.  So - wouldnt it be wonderful if we all got involved with the 11 schools in the area and facilitated the kids to do design.  Somewhere along the way I got volunteered to do a blog about the whole exercise.  Well, that just felled me.  Surely a facebook page would be better for kids?  Not sure whether I am on my knitting needles or my paint brush.  Perhaps I could get the kids to do the blog?  

Then !  Dreadful news.  Our art class teacher rushed off to hospital with chest pains.  Like a fool I go down to where we have the class in case anyone turns up who didnt know.  And they did.  Chatted to the janitor and he agreed we could use the room, this week, next week, I now find I am in charge of an art class.

Going to have a lie down now with a glass of wine.  Remember I've been ill......


Lynn said...

Yes I remember but do you?!!!!!!!
Actually I think you are a sensible kinda bird and you have bounced back with abundance as you always do but you are not too proud to slow the pace if you need to. So enjoy. It is much better to be busy and have to drop something than to be bored brain dead :)
I am just adding tons to my days cos it makes me happy. If/when I am ill again (like yesterday, bum) I shall just retire gracefully for the day and come back agusto the next day!)
Never did find your letter email - can you re-send?

Mum said...

Responsiblities - oo er. In charge - oo er. It will be a breeze for someone with your talents.
Oo - and probably a lot of hard work too. I'm sure you'll enjoy it all. No time for the wine now - go plan!
Love from Mum

Annie said...

Oh dear, life does tend rather to throw things at one, doesn't it! But how exciting all this doing sounds ... have fun x

Jill Chandler said...

Lynn I have resent it three times. To both your email addresses. Flummoxed.

Christine Laennec said...

Just think of yourself as a "facilitator"!