Monday, 27 February 2012

In sickness and in health.

Saturday morning I awoke and when I looked out at the sky, this is what I saw.  All manner of stuff floating in my right eye.

Now I have had 'floaters' in my left eye for yonks, but these seemed bigger, more of them and came on suddenly.  So, as you do, I went on Google and - frightened myself to death.

Whilst waiting for the 'emergency' optician appointment at 4p.m. today.   One of our cats was took to the vets.

Having not eaten for two days, which has never happened before, this cat lives to eat.
He had his temperature took which was raised so has had a couple of jabs, one for inflammation and one antibiotics.  
He returned and has been snacking on and off ever since.  I do sometimes think I would be better seeing a vet rather than the G.P.

I then saw the optician.  Drops in the eye.  Photographs taken, etc. etc.  Tis just old age, nothing to worry about, just have to forget the tadpoles and spiders webs that are constantly in my vision.  I then had the scary task of driving myself home with one pupil the size of a football.  The optician said, "Make sure you are home before dark."  Whoooo.

 Located off the A975 just north of Cruden Bay and about 25 miles north of Aberdeen in northeast Scotland, the Bullers of Buchan is a collapsed sea cave forming an almost circular chasm (the "pot") some 30 metres (100 feet) deep, where the ocean rushes in through a natural archway.
The cliff scenery here is spectacular and seabirds of many species such as Puffins, Kittiwakes, Guillemots and Razorbills proliferate during the spring and summer, when wild flowers including campion, heather and orchids colour the cliff tops.

Fulmars having a love in.

 Guillemots nesting.

Herring Gull waiting for a mate.


Hopefully lots of healthy birds with lots of healthy chicks.

Puffins will soon be arriving and choosing their burrows.

I have been promised that within five hours I will be able to use binoculars, my eye pupil will be back to normal.

Oh, and I was in before dark.


Mum said...

Join the 'floaters' club. So glad that all was relatively well and puss is eating again.
Love from Mum

Annie said...

Glad to read it was nothing too serious Jill! And I know what you mean about docs versus vets!