Wednesday, 1 February 2012


We did have a 7 bedroomed house with a very large loft, like this poor woman it was crammed.

Most of it belonging to the four daughters.

Who promised faithfully to go through the boxes and sort them.

So we moved to 3 bedrooms and a garage, no loft, so the garage is where everything ended up.  As not one of them did sort through....

The Dawn Patroller had had enough.

One lot for the charity shop and another for the recycling centre.

Do you know what ?  After seeing the photograph of the car stuffed to the gills,I have an awful feeling its my stuff he has taken.

Must visit charity shop and see if I can get anything back.


Dani said...

LOL - no, don't do that...

Just enjoy the freedom - if you haven't used any of it in the past year, you won't miss it.

Susan T said...

You mean you let him do it on his own - very dangerous!! my husband once cleared out the garage all his old junk was still intact, however he got rid of my carpet shampooer, just tipped the thing. I was furious.