Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday witterings.

 What on earth was this cat doing sitting in the middle of a field just after daybreak?

 Not one of ours.  Cats usually skulk along the edges of a field where the vegetation is higher and the mice or birds dont see them coming.  

Its that time of year most definitely.  These pictures I would love to have sound effects to.  Sarah Millican for instance, 
"You been chatting up my bloke?"

Just dont try it again... ok?"

Tails flared at dawn.

We have had seven pheasants in the garden this morning.  One male.  This caused all the excitement.  Handbags at the ready?

Yesterday I did my stint with the kids at school and our Catty Tail making is reaching a crescendo.  We, the adults are now totally bored stiff with it.  The kids do not need any help any more.  But try and prise them away from their creations.  Oh no.  Even when we persuade them to create a fish or a heart by sticking their creation on to a sticky card shape, they cant wait to start another catty tail.  My time is spent now on tying on another colour as they want stripes, - and concentrating on extending their language skills.

 Which is another reason for us being there as there are more kids from Eastern Europe than Eastern Scotland.

Just imagine for a moment this 60 plus year old who still does not understand off side discussing football teams strips, and who won at the weekend.  Well it wasnt Barnsley.
This latter discussion often depends on where they were at the weekend as unfortunately a lot of them have two homes to stay at, one with Dad and one with Mum.  The kids actually see this as a plus.  One wee girl recounted how many homes she had, "Grandmas, Aunty x, Aunty y, Mum, Dads."  

One child lurches between two schools but seamlessly slots back in to wherever....

Well now, this is to be a lengthy witter.

Update on art class.  Our tutor is still undergoing tests in hospital.  Last week, if you remember I went and we managed to have a session.  I sent word round on the grapevine that we hoped to carry on without tutor so the whole thing didnt fold.  
This morning I arrived and was told only one person had turned up and it probably was not viable to continue after all.
So in to the room I went .  And was followed one by one by one until there were more people there than on a 'normal' lesson day!

I was so choked I couldnt speak for all of ten seconds.  (Long time for me).  I have been unanimously voted to be the coordinator to ensure the group does continue.

I might just finish this Redshank  (theres no such thing as a red legged sandpiper!)
Witter over, lets all breathe a sigh of relief.


Mum said...

That's the one I wanted you to do next - it looks as good as the photo. So glad the art session went well. You'll probably have more people next week.
Love from Mum

Jill Chandler said...

Thank you Mum. x