Friday, 3 February 2012

I have goosebumps.

And a runny nose.

It could be chicken pox.

So I am all rugged up.  Just in case.

Not playing today, sorry.

Just looking at things, like vacuums, dusters, mops -  and deer.

From a distance.

So that my sneezes and wheezes dont spread.


Lynn said...

Stay warm and rest - yeah right - you rest? - that'll be the day! Do something nice and nothingy - wine and magazines methinks.
Much love,
I'll send you a letter soon-ish :)

Susan T said...

Get well very soon and keep yourself wrapped up this weekend, it is going to be a cold one.

Mum said...

Poor you, wrap up warm.
Love from Mum

Christine Laennec said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Do take good care!

A Trifle Rushed said...

I hope you feel better soon :-) Judex

simplyvintage said...

Awww - ((hugs)) at a safe distance!! - Do take care of yourself, xxx

Annie said...

Oh dear, I do hope you feel better soon xxx