Thursday, 2 February 2012

He who would valiant be....

Let him come hither.

I was brought up in the Methodist Church.  Tried a few more along the way. Catholic, Church of England, Bahai, etc.  My experiences will remain unprinted as I do not want to upset anyone.  As a Methodist I signed the pledge when I was seven, not to drink.  Forgot completely by the time I was 17.  (or quite possibly earlier).

Suffice it to say what I do miss from visiting a church is that awesome sound from the organ and then the voices belting out such hymns as the above.  One of my favourites, but surprisingly not in my Dad's Methodist hymn book.  Possibly Church of England then?

My Dad's Hymn Book has on the flyleaf, 

Providence Methodist Church, Mapplewell.
Presented to
Sydney Robinson
at a Welcome Home Celebration, in thanksgiving for his safe return from H.M. Forces

March 1948.

(March 1949 I was born. )

Every year there was a performance of the Messiah at Providence Methodist Church (I didnt know it was a Church as everyone called it Chapel).  And my Dad was one of the leading tenors.  Every Christmas Day my family is inflicted with the full performance of the Huddersfield Choral Society cd.  (And me singing along to it.)

I do think that song is a very powerful part of our whole being.

I am fortunate that I can hear songs, can join in the singing, my lungs are shot, so sometimes its a whisper, but singing can be so moving, and despite my religious hang ups I still think that some of the old hymns are just fantastic.

Indeed, my lovely keyboard, pretend piano whatever has an organ button!  As soon as the Dawn Patroller goes off to be the hunter gatherer at Tescos I plan to be in there.

Because my Dad's Methodist Hymn Book has the music as well as the words!

He who would valiant be , well She actually, is about to shake the rafters.


Mum said...

Then fancies flee away! I'll fear not what they say. I'll labour night and day - and join you shaking the rafters.
Love from Mum

Christine Laennec said...

I was raised in the Methodist church as well, but I think the American brand differs a little bit from the British original. For one thing, there were no pledges, and church wasn't a chapel. I was surprised at how very similar the Church of Scotland is to the Methodist church. The last time I was in Oregon, the church service was nearly identical to ours in Aberdeen, and two of the hymns were the same as the ones I'd sung the week previously.

I do agree whole-heartedly about the pleasure of singing, and singing hymns. I've always wished I could play the piano, but I pick out the notes and sing when I get the chance. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I've just come across this post whilst researching the Providence Chapel in Mapplewell and specifically its connection with The Messiah. I have a first edition of the Messiah (1767) which has written in it 'this book belongs to the Mapplewell Providence Chapel for ever, amen' and various other inscriptions. I'm currently trying to pin down the provenevce more precisely and perhaps you may know some more or be interested in seeing some photos, if so drop me an email at
Thanks, Harry