Monday, 20 February 2012

The Fillums.

These are the two latest films the DP and I have watched on our in house cinema.  Dvd to the rest of you.

To say I was disappointed is putting it mildly.

Tinker, Tailor and whoever was not a patch on the earlier version.

And The Brothers Grimm just left me totally bemused.

Into my mind came, "The Good Old Days."  Yep a sign of old age.  But by gum it were better then.

Saturday morning matinee.  Although I lived in a Yorkshire pit village it had a cinema.  

Lassie.  Thats him on the left.  Elizabeth Taylor on the right.

 And the Mark of Zorro.

Roy Rogers and Trigger.  The poster was in colour but the film was black and white.

And Tarzan.  Cheetah has only recently died.  At a guess the humans are long gone.

Totally enthralled from beginning to end.  We kids hung onto the edge of our seats.  Once back out into the real world as I walked home I could hear, "Ahahahaaa, ha aaaaa" from miles around.

Now you dont get that any more do you.

What films are in your memory bank?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, great memories there. Yes, even me...young as I am (!) can remember watching Tarzan, but it was on Saturday morning telly in the 70's. :)

Would love to get a big list of good, decent films to watch. I have a few classics, they just don't make 'em like that any more. xx