Thursday, 9 February 2012


Haar is Scottish for Sea mist or fog.  A sea mist is quite common here.  You can set off in bright sunshine and draw nearer to the sea and there it is. 

Fog we are not used to at all.  But as the day drew to a close today that is what we have.  A proper 'pea souper'.  
The weather today has been that sort of one described so vividly by Charles Dickens in Bleak House, " the drip drip drip on the paving stones" (thats from memory, so might not be quite right!)  Dickens just had his 200th Birthday Celebrations.  Of course he wasnt around to join in.  Or get a goody bag.
Dickens is probably my most favourite author, in fact, not sure why I am saying probably.  I have all of his novels, illustrated too.  I read them again and again, not continually!  I do read other things.  But every time I pick up and open the pages I am entranced.  His descriptions of characters is so enthralling.  I have a friend who is Sairey Gamp to a T, although not in the same profession.  I could go on.  It has been said that his characters are too way out, but then you start to think....I know of at least one Barnaby Rudge and quite a few Quilps, though not necessarily the same height.
Mindst you I am glad I dont know a Dora, I would have throttled her.
I could go on, but no doubt your eyes have glazed over.
So! Not only fog outside but quite a bit inside my head and definitely my chest.
Struggling to vac, mop, and the Dawn Patroller/Head chef cooking up a storm for friends coming for lunch.  Phone.  One of our guests cant make it as they have - a chest infection.  Well join the b***** club.  Main reason for luncheon today was so that the chest infected and partner could finally get to view our new abode.  The head chef phoned the other prospective participants and cancelled.  I collapsed in a heap.
Ah haaaaaaar.


A Trifle Rushed said...

Haar, is such a lovely word. We get amazing sea mists in Brittany, called Brum! Not sure my French spelling is correct!

Mum said...

I love Dickens' way with words too and also his sense of humour. I've got quite a few of his books but have not read all of them yet. They take a bit of getting into but once in there I lose all sense of time. Hope you've got up from your heap and are well rested. Take care.
Love from Mum

Annie said...

I wouldn't say Dickens' is my favourite author, although I do enjoy his books, but my Dickens' books are amongst my favourite books. I only have a half set - my sister has the other half - but they are all from a leather bound edition type set by my great-grandfather in the early years of the last century :D

Great word, haar!