Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Magical Mystery Tour.

This morning the Dawn Patroller discovered this barn at Little Invernorth Farm.  At the top of it's roof were four statues.

He managed to get photographs of two of them.

Now what on earth is the story behind this?

Some of the houses aroond and aboot have statues, some really naff ones, in their front gardens.  I guess that's where you would expect to see statues, in a front garden.  On top of a barn????  Well, no.

I just have to know the story behind this.

It's exciting int it.


Mum said...

I have a figurine similar to the one in the last picture of a woman hanging on to a wheel with her arm up in the air. It's not exactly the same but close. I'll put a pic on my blog so you can see. What a strange thing to put on top of a barn though.
Love from Mum

Christine Laennec said...

How intriguing! By the way, I thought your seaside paintings were incredible. Lots of talent there.

Gigi said...

An interesting mystery, aren't they? Weather vanes ;)?