Friday, 24 February 2012

I am a Grandma.

Never thought when I gave birth to four daughters that they in turn would produce children.

My eldest daughter and her two sons.  Aged three and 4 months.  Playing my piano.

Its not easy being a Grandma.
Not always easy to be a Dad.

Not only  do you have the new babies to come to terms with but also the in laws and out laws.

Seeing your son/grandson skip over the sand .

Not quite get blown away.  Well he does with enjoyment.

Eldest daughter with eldest grandchild.



Christine Laennec said...

You look even more blessed than surprised! Looks like fun.

Jill Chandler said...

What about meeting up with Tina?

Annie said...

I'm looking forward to the day Jill, with two boys and two girls of my own I reckon I can count on at least a couple of grandbabies, don't you. Yours are just the cutest :D

A Trifle Rushed said...

How wonderful. What delightful grandchildren :-) Jude x

Christine Laennec said...

Hi again - I would LOVE a jaunt to meet up with Tina, if I could schedule it. If it were during the summer I could probably plan ahead and arrange it. If you wanted to leave your car at my house, I could drive the rest of the way - I'm assuming it would require cars, because Tina lives out in the countryside?

I don't know if any other bloggers around here would be interested?

BadPenny said...

How lovely. I hope to be a grandmother one day. My own mother has been a wonderful Granny to her six grandchildren the youngest being my Joe at sixteen now & the oldest 26 & getting married next year.