Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Hot and humid.

Struggling to breathe from the minute I got up!

But still here to tell the tale.

My carer washed me, my hair, got me dressed.  Bliss.

After lunch to the Prom.  The DP drove.

Smile he said.

So I did.

Out in the bay were the Navy.

No idea why.  There were three boats in total.  I saw 2.  164 here.

165.  The DP who was in the Merchant Navy said the crew were crap.  Apparently Royal Navy have to be stood at attention whilst on deck and this lot were not.  What is the world coming to.

The workers carried on regardless.

Not as many people on the beach or in the sea as yesterday.

The parade of the prams!

And a Blackheaded Gull who's black head is fading now.

A pile of my mounted, original water colour paintings to go back into browsers.  I just looked at them and decided a 50% off sale was due.  Some of these are in the shop on my facebook page Buchan Birds and Beasts.  Shop probably needs updating.....  Have a look, anything you like just ask.  I can then give you measurements and price.  Mounted stuff is no problem to send but I dont send anything that is framed.  Once it is framed it is more expensive and packing glass is not easy.  And dangerous.

The sun has now set.  No sign of the moon or the partial eclipse.....



Bovey Belle said...

I hope your breathing is better tomorrow - or rather, that it cools down so it is. Hot here today and had to have an ice-lolly after I'd pottered briefly in the garden.

Stepping down off the steroids now - thank goodness for that!

mamasmercantile said...

I didn't get to see the eclipse either, too much cloud. Hope your breathing is a little better today, I think the temperatures have dropped a little your way.

Jean said...

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I didn't see the eclipse either but I didn't even know there was one until I saw the pictures this morning.

DL said...

Hi, We're traveling to your area mid August. Can I see some of your paintings in a shop? Facebook has only a few.

Enjoy reading your blog, especially going to the Prom.