Monday, 15 July 2019

Coming down to earth!

Still some tidying to do.  The DP was out today early removing roadside signs he had made and placed.  Then later on the banner he had put up on a roundabout miles away.  Called in at Bullers of Buchan on his way back.  Saw this

So he was happy.  But tea was late so I was not happy.

This was his winning photo voted on by visitors to the exhibition.

And still for sale!

I sold nothing, not even a card.  But I don't paint to sell, I paint because I enjoy it.  Although I am seriously considering a half price sale.  The three browsers were brought back from the exhibition and I am faced with refilling them with my mounted originals.  And there are rather a lot.....

The DP came with me to the Prom today.

We had a chat to this lovely lady.  She and her husband whizz past our house regularly.  They will now wave when they go past!  They go miles in these (not cheap) lie back bikes.  Am a bit tempted!  But they cost almost as much as a car.  So I will get that first.

Female Surfer.

Quite a few people in the sea.

Tourists now with us.  I heard some German accents today and lots of English.  All good.

A few native fishing boats, little and large.

One of many, many Starlings we have.  The Bully boys and girls.  He/she is launching down to the food on offer and will remove most of it given the chance.

Coming down to earth is actually exhaustion.  So I am away.  Goodnight.


busybusybeejay said...

Do you sell your art work online?I would love to see it.

mamasmercantile said...

I am so sorry that you didn't manage to sell anything that must be disappointing for you. There are a lot of tourists about here too which is good for the economy here on the Island.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I've had days when despite all the lovely comments and chatter with visitors, I've sold nothing yet the folk I am sharing the space with are practically cleared out!
Which is why I was so surprised at selling my bull painting last weekend - I had sort of resigned myself to giving up all together (although Himself suggested I just take a break and try again later) difficult to just turn off the painting/sketching however I had reached a low and was prepared to lock the studio door and walk away.
Selling this painting has made a difference - hope it happens again - happy car hunting (my least favourite necessary evil!!)