Tuesday, 11 June 2019


The DP and I are sorting out the patio in front of the Shedudio.  I plan, we discuss,  he does.  After lunch today we went to Home Bargains where he had seen some plant troughs.

Made of wood.  Reasonably priced at just under £20.  We bought two.

Inspected by Sith Cat and approved.  Now we need to fill them.  

Before we came home we called in at the Prom.

My car parked in a blue badge bay alongside the painted buoy.

Nae a bad day.  Not much sun and cool in the breeze but fine.

The Gulls were on the rocks again.

Also on the sand.

Reflections of Tiger Hill Sand Dune.

Fishing boat leaves the harbour.

Back home and in the Shedudio I looked at some of the over wintered Geraniums now planted out on the patio.  After a while of feeling extremely frustrated at my inability to garden any more I got up, went out and repotted one of the geraniums which was half out of the pot it had been replanted into.

Then I got back into the shedudio, got water and watered it.  Got more water and watered some others.  Then I got back into the shedudio and collapsed.  

There have been few moments in my life when I have felt so proud of myself.

For me to walk unaided carrying a kettle - way to go!  This plant should now thrive.

However I can see I have more to do tomorrow.

The DP does many wonderful things but this does not include repotting plants.  Which in a way is nice that there is something I can do, and will, that he can't. Ha.  Having said all that, first I have to do the breathing exercises to expand the lungs to be able to walk unaided, to breathe while bending, to have everything there, trowel , trug, remove soil, re-plant, put back soil, firm down, make plant erect and then get water and water it.  And not collapse this time!  But I did it!  So I can do it again.  Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Going forwards instead of backwards has done so much to me feeling good.  Hope you all find something to make you feel good too.


Chris said...

Well done, you. Quite an accomplishment. As for me, I tried to bolster up my leaning fence but couldn't get the screw in even an inch. So, mission not accomplished!

Jean. said...

Go Girl ! You remind me of me, determination and go for it !
On another point, I noticed your comment on Careering Through Nature blog, regarding feverfew.
The daisies in the picture, without knowing the actual size, I'm sure were Scentless May Weed. The leaves of the two are quite different. I have feverfew in my garden, they were given to me by a now late friend. She presented me with a seedtray of tiny shoots which she thought were aubretia, as the label had fallen out. We were quite surprised to see them turn into something quite different. I think they are lovely, and they seed quite readily, though we only have a few now compared to what we did have the first year. If I knew where you lived I could try and collect a few seeds in the autumn and post them to you. Anyway, that aside, I have seen them for sale as packets of seeds quite recently, that's how my friend started with them many years ago.
I hope this has been helpful.
Glad Sith approved of the troughs, my two also make sure that they inspect everything new on arrival.

Joan (Devon) said...

Well done on your achievement, I'm so pleased for you. If I could walk unaided I'd feel exactly the same.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Well done! What a lovely feeling and the pelargonium is such a pretty colour :)

RunNRose said...

Good for you! You should feel proud. You set out to do something, planned, and got it done. I look forward to seeing the plant trough filled.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...


mamasmercantile said...

You are one determined lady, well done. As always lovely to take a stroll along the prom with you.

crafty cat corner said...

Good job done. It's amazing what we can do if we put our mind to it. Tom has days when he is better than others. At least once you both sit down you can recover.