Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday mixture.

After catching up with household chores (yawn) removing corpses from under the bed.  (yeuk).  Sith had a good night, but no-one else did.  Washing out on the line.  
Out came the Combine Harvester.

He managed one length of the field before the rain came.  I got totally soaked bringing the washing in.  So we both packed in.

Hydrangeas look good in the rain.

My biggest, most spectacular orchid, looks good inside.

Not sure about this owl claiming to be a snowy owl, well it is snowing in the picture.

Fire going.

Sith waiting for me to sit down, draw the curtains, get on with the knitting, 


Susan T said...

We are slowly disappearing under water, a months rainfall has fallen today, our back garden is flooding. I never even got a chance to put the washing out.

BadPenny said...

So cosy by the fire. There was a poor water logged & miserable pigeon sitting on the bird table yesterday. I gave him a good feed when the rain stopped.