Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Where to start?

This week - it is only Tuesday! - I am galloping.  
Quick reminder, SATURDAY MORNING  that was the art exhibition at New Deer, see last post.  Didn't win anything, didn't sell anything.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON  the DP went off to the Open Day at Forever Grateful.  It was Open Day in Scotland, was it anywhere else?  No charge to visit all manner of things.   Forever Grateful is a fishing boat.

A big fishing boat.

The owner, William Whyte.

Each part of the tour had a different member of the crew.  Captain, fishermen, cook who spoke about the different parts of the boat.

The sonar shows where the sea bed is, where the shoals of fish are......

Inside the ship was this fantastic work of glass engraved art.  Through you can just see the dining room for the crew.  I think I would like to be a fisherman.

It was so spotlessly clean.  Everyone had to put on the shoe coverings.

The fish are vacuumed on board, no messy nets swinging over and everyone getting wet.  The latest technology sorts them into different areas.  I thought of my friends in their 80s who remember the hard, wet, cold, arduous tasks of being a trawlerman.  

But they all had to go out of here and onto the cold, rough, North Sea.  Ships do still sink and trawlermen do still die.  Just to put that langoustine, herring, sea bass on to our plate...

MONDAY.  North East Open Studios.

Jill McWilliam, Cruden Bay, photographer.

Paul Woodburn, photographer, Pitullie.

Isobel Gregory, artist and crafter, Pitullie.

Doreen Macrae, Artist and Worker in stained glass. Fraserburgh.

Elaine Ellington, Crovie, rag rugs.

Pennan Craft Group.



And so much more, tis exhausting, exciting.  Wow.  

So today was Tuesday.  The DP went off with youngest daughter to view more and return youngest daughter to the train station for her to return home to Edinburgh.
Me - well I had my coffee with the Geriatric Group, Community Crafters, those who were not tied up with NEOS and then spent the afternoon causing chaos and mayhem at the Lighthouse Museum.

Tomorrow I am doing a presentation at the art group on making your own cards.  Well thats the plan.

Where to start?


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are one busy lady! Great pics, and how fascinating to get on board a modern fishing boat. Hope NEOS is going well for everyone. xx

50 and counting said...

My grandfather was a trawlerman, first out of Eyemouth and then Aberdeen. He took my father to sea in the 1950's to convince him to become an apprentice. One trip to the Baltic was all it took.

I now life in the Big Sky country of Alberta.

BadPenny said...

Busy Busy Busy ! Life of a fisherman must be so hard even with those mod cons. Interesting visit.
Super artwork.
Today I'm going back to the charity shop to help clear the mass of donations we had yesterday ! I had planned to clean my bedroom but if you see today's post you'll see why I've put it off til tomorrow ! The sun is shining & the thought of housework dire (and my friend in the shop makes great coffee !)
Have a lovely day x