Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new day dawns.

My favourite lighthouse, Rattray.  All lit up.  First lit 1895.  Flashing white light every 30 seconds. Range 24 miles.  White tower of granite and brick 34 metres high.  Foghorn 2 blasts every 45 seconds.

Kinnaird Head where the Lighthouse Museum is now had a flashing white light every 15 seconds, has a white tower 23 metres high.  Foghorn, one blast of 7 seconds every 1.5 minutes.

The differences between the lighthouses was known to the fishermen, the sailors, so they knew where they were.

Back to earth, here is Mr Toad again.  Discovered underneath the wood that the Dawn Patroller was to use to create the new wood shed.

Nearly finished.

While he was doing that I suddenly found myself back at work.  Staffing crisis at the Lighthouse Museum, led to a very swift induction and staff training and I was let loose.

Meeting and greeting customers, taking their money for tours and gifts, books, cards, pictures, etc,etc,  from the shop.  I expect the tills are unbalanced, the visitors think they employ mad women, and anyone I spoke to on the phone is convinced they employ a mad woman.  But I did get an ace t shirt with STAFF printed on the sleeve.

And really enjoyed the glass of red with which I ended a very strange day.

There will be another tomorrow.

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