Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tis Autumn sliding down to Winter.

First I have to report (ha) that we finally got into the local paper, The Fraserburgh Herald.  I regularly send in news items, and pictures, that only need lifting, but they never are. Which doesn't look too good for me from other members of the group.  I have taken to sending some of the group what I have submitted just to prove I do send them.
But today we struck gold.  A new reporter, our Graham, has done us proud.  Though he did have to keep stopping me in full flow as he has not yet mastered shorthand!

Moi, third right.  And thank you Graham, (he looked to be about 13 but I expect he was older than that.) (When did they stop sending kids up chimneys?)

So now it is September, nights are drawing in, so time to reconnect with reading, knitting and finally re-learning how to crochet.  Tis the start of knitting in the picture, a ballet cardigan for my granddaughter. (I remember knitting such cardigans for my eldest two who did ballet - but knitting one for a 9 month old is a bit odd, she isnt walking yet, never mind dancing.)  
 I am quite impressed with myself that I did manage to wield the crochet hook succesfully, so watch this space.

The book that is open is from the library, Fraserburgh Past and present, by John Cranna, who was the Harbour Treasurer.  It was published in 1914.

"The Author hopes the perusal of his book will give pleasure, not only to natives, but also to people having a business or a family connection with the town."  No mention of incomers!
But this incomer is totally enthralled by how much Mr Cranna has explored, discovered, and related.  When he actually had time to be Harbour Treasurer.......

Curtains drawn in the evening, another sign of approaching Winter.  During the Summer months it doesnt really get dark, here in the North East of Scotland.  I can stumble through to the loo at any time in the night and see where I am going!  And in the morning as I get up for breakfast, round about 6.30 to 7a.m. the sun is up, well, its light.  But now its getting darker, and cooler, and time to cosy up.

I seem to remember the snow came much earlier last year!  But not yet.


Mum said...

We seem to be having more summery days here in Blackpool. It was glorious today. There's an occasional little chill in the air to remind us that Autumn is just around the corner.
Love from Mum

Mum said...

I've already typed a comment about it being summer here - further south, then your comment thingy decided I was a robot and I'm now on my third try to upload. If you've received 2 comments - great, if not then you'll have to do with this one!!!!

I'll now try again.
Love from Mum

Jill Chandler said...

I wish I could work out how to get rid of the robot thing as I struggle with it, it would need a bloody robot to decipher some of them.

BadPenny said...

umm it's taking me up to four times to leave a comment with the bloody robot but..." You're worth it " ! I did get rid of word verification but know not how !
( someone clever told me )

Great to be in the paper at last !
Am I weird ?...I quite like the nights drawing in !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so chuffed you finally got a proper report in the long last!!

Yes, the nights are certainly drawing in fast, the hens are going to bed earlier and earlier! xx