Sunday, 23 September 2012

Theres something nasty in the wood shed.

Anyone else read Cold Comfort Farm, and loved it as much as I did?  
Nothing nasty in our wood shed, just lovely, lovely wood.  I love the smell of it and the smell of it burning.  I am sure there will be lots of mice moving in to the wood shed.  They are not nasty, but will have to be careful that they dont come to a nasty end from the cats.

We have often thought about solar panels, either on the roof of the house or on the shed.

But I never expected to see this.  This camper van was parked up at Cairnbulg Harbour.  This is not a camp site, so there are no plug in stands.  Who needs them!  Presumably the solar panels provide the electric.  Way to go.

This chap is up a pole in our garden.  He did ask if it was ok.  Apparently he is fitting sleeves onto the electric cables in case any of our trees rub on them.  Such strange things happen in the middle of the countryside on a Sunday morning.  It will be quite a few years before our trees reach said cables, that is if we let them.  Weird.

These two lady pheasants were not supervising the chap up the pole.

These marigolds are the only plant that grew and flowered from a free packet of seeds to attract bees.  Hopefully they will self seed.  The blazing colour really makes you feel warm.

This is strange, lilies in bud in September.

Didnt do much knitting tonight.

As there is something, rather lovely, in the knitting basket.  After coming in from checking out that there are no nasties in the wood shed.


Aria Zoesch said...

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BadPenny said...

I saw a BT van out & about yesterday on a very wet Sunday. What a comfy cat bed - no wonder you didn't get much knitting done !

Anonymous said...

What a lovely cozy post. :) What are you knitting? xx

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here :D

I adored Cold Comfort Farm, fabulous book.

Cute kitty in your knitting there Jill!

Susan T said...

Cold Comfort Farm one of my favourite books ever. I have to say our dog would try to struggle into your knitting basket, if you put anything on the floor that looks anything like cosy he is on it like a shot.

Mum said...

As I'm writing this our pussycat is curled up in a basket on my bed. Good job I wasn't planning on getting the crochet out. They know the best place to be, don't they?
Love from Mum