Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pit at Lecht oot.

Christmas card number 2.  Rattray Lighthouse.  Santa is shouting to put the light out.

From within the artists studio (you know the rest) it was good to see that despite our offerings of tons of bird food our birds still work for their food, and do not always treat us as a fast food outlet.

This blue tit worked its way round all the windows gobbling up spiders.

Meanwhile Cait Sith utilised the trellis to see where it had gone.

He has never been the brightest of lights.

This wee robin just glowed like a little flame.

Yesterday, after my stint causing chaos in the Lighthouse Museum, I took these photographs of the weather putting the sunlight out.  There was a hail storm too.

The days are getting shorter.  I now need a light to read and knit in the evening.  In the early morning I need the light to move around the kitchen.

For the moment, early evening, the lecht is oot.  But the fire is glowing.  Along with the shortening of the daylight, its also coooooooooooooold.


Mum said...

It's getting a bit nippy here too. Time to put my crochet blankets over our laps.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

our cats are murderous at the moment. Lots of spiders...birds come hither ( but mind the cats )