Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday - wind down, relax and

see what is around.

Cairnbulg.  Our nearest sea side.

Pretty relaxed.....

Chilling out surfing.

Rock pipit showing a lovely colourful contrast.

Ah, supper time.

Ooooh, not that relaxing.  Wrong place.

Could be wrong time?

Nae bother, they moved, car slowed.

Lets all slowdown now and enjoy a peaceful evening.  

I hope the wind has dropped and the rain ceased where you are.


♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Lovely soothing post. Yes, thank goodness the wind has dropped! xx

BadPenny said...

How lovely. Yes the rain has ceased this morning x

Susan T said...

The wind has dropped but what about the RAIN. Lovely photo's as always.