Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday - wind down, relax and

see what is around.

Cairnbulg.  Our nearest sea side.

Pretty relaxed.....

Chilling out surfing.

Rock pipit showing a lovely colourful contrast.

Ah, supper time.

Ooooh, not that relaxing.  Wrong place.

Could be wrong time?

Nae bother, they moved, car slowed.

Lets all slowdown now and enjoy a peaceful evening.  

I hope the wind has dropped and the rain ceased where you are.


Anonymous said...

Lovely soothing post. Yes, thank goodness the wind has dropped! xx

BadPenny said...

How lovely. Yes the rain has ceased this morning x

Susan T said...

The wind has dropped but what about the RAIN. Lovely photo's as always.