Saturday, 8 September 2012

What a day this has been.....

It is finally Summer - albeit an Indian Summer, though I have not seen any smoke signals.

The DP and I went for coffee at the Lighthouse Museum.  For me to add to and tweak the Disc Cover Art Exhibition.

I thought you might be interested to see the diversity of what has been donated by so many lovely people.

All being sold for £2.00 each to raise funds for the Lighthouse Museum.

I have two up there, one a fox and one our black cat Sith.

The Dawn Patroller has three, cat, gull and deer photographs.

Meanwhile, the harbour was packed.  Reached their fishing quotas so all moored.

This gives you some idea of the size of some of the big fishing boats.

And what the smaller boats have to compete with.

And it is the big boats that have been caught illegally fishing, not all of them, but some and who have made a lot of money from hiding such catches from the powers that be.  The fines reflect this, but I see the BMWs still in evidence.

Ah well, tis all grist to the mill.  Back to the Lighthouse Museum for a shuftie at the 
wildlife taking advantage of all the reflected warmth.

Back home I accept this is why the DP left the thistles.  Goldfinches taking full advantage, they love the seeds.  Followed by a Woodpecker who is more than happy to have his food on 'a plate'.

And finally, to this post of what a day this has been, I have been taken onto the Board of the Lighthouse Museum as a Trustee.  What on earth have I done to deserve that?

Not sure but it certainly deserves a glass of red.


Mum said...

Good for you - keep the brain active, keep the body active and keep filling that glass up!!
Love from Mum
PS Actually I've been very good in the wine department having abstained for about 3 weeks. Pity about the sherry though!

BadPenny said...

I raise my glass of red to you as I read this dear Blogger friend !

I knew that Goldfinches liked the seeds but have not seen such a photo.

Love the CD jacket designs... & might suggest it in our village ( as if I needed something else to do !!! )

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Ooh how lovely, congratulations! It's so rewarding being a trustee (animal rescue in my case) :D

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! I'd trust you with my lighthouse any day. Lovely photographs, and what amazing creativity with the CD covers.

Susan T said...

I say a trustee eh. It sounds very proper. Congratulations, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Because you are so passionate about it and work darn hard too! Well done Jill, you deserve it!

Fab artwork too, very diverse.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, xx