Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ah the internet.

First of all.....BLOGGERS UNITE!  Three bloggers from the North East of Scotland on our second gathering.  Tina from The Quiet Home, Moi, Christine from Writing from Scotland (really sorry I dont know how to do links) and Christine's beautiful daughter.

Our meeting place was in the Aberdeen Art Gallery Cafe.  Terrible admission but this was my first visit, and I only made it into the cafe and then the shop.  Promised myself for a full day visit to view the Gallery.  But we hadn't time for any of that as we were catching up and filling in on all those things one wouldn't want to put on a blog!

And it was like Christmas as we were all well prepared with lovely thoughtful gifts for each other.  I received some lovely HEMP based soap (really must remove that cannabis plant) and a handmade from cashmere and silk, no less, mug warmer.  In return they both got my attempt at a picture of Christine's cat, why couldn't she have got a black cat?  The cat is multicoloured, huh, and Tinas wee flock of hens, who are also multi coloured and much feathered to boot.

Sorry, no picture of the paintings, thats up to them......  The paintings were my personal gift to them.

One of the subjects under discussion was re the internet.  Dating, making friends, in this day and age tis okay I think.  Shock horror at people finding life mates/partners on the internet?????  But now, just think about it.  People lead such busy lives, when do they get to meet people with similar interests?  So different nowadays.

I for one am very grateful that I have met lots of people I can relate to, who make me smile, who I care about.  The icing on the cake is meeting up with some of them face to face and finding one was right, that I can relate to them, that I do care about them and they do make me smile.

Ah the internet, its nae bad.


Anonymous said...

It was a grand day out, wasn't it? :) Still gobsmacked at receiving your fab painting of the hens. Looking forward to our next meet up! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming all the way to Aberdeen, and for your lovely present - all will be revealed on my blog in due course! Yes, hooray for the internet. And hooray for you, Jill! x

50 and counting said...

I look at blogs on the internet as the 21st century's version of pen-pals.

People of similar interests who communicate via the written word.

Some times you get lucky a make a new friend in "real" life as well

BadPenny said...

How lovely. I bet you all nattered away !