Friday, 14 September 2012

Theres nowt so queer as folks.

I hope that most of my followers know that I do not take things seriously.  Something in my make up leads to me trying to find a humorous slant to just about everything.  (I am also aware that this has on occasions upset some people.)  But as the butt of all of my jokes is me, most of the time I try to lighten the spirits (and get in first.)

My Wednesday art class is now packed to the gills.  In fact we are having to bring another table in to make more room for budding artists.  And we have fun.

My 'new' art class, I have begun to go to on another day, was, I was led to believe a step up.  More experienced artists, bit more class, definitely more serious.  Not many of these 'serious artists present.  How strange.  And every time I opened my mouth, not often, it was made obvious that serious artists do not , NOT, bring levity into the room.

Well, could you get excited about this, and feel desperately, I must paint this.....
No neither did I.  Comparing the shapes to my bosoms........well, lets not go there.  I did and was frozen out.

So  - back down the shed .

I think I should stick to lighthouses and miss out the humans.

Oh boy did it rain, and the wind, well horizontal rain it was.

And it got darker, so, I turned up the opera, put away the paints, looked in the mirror and had a good laugh.

I may never be a great artist, but by gum I enjoy it.


Mum said...

You just stay the way you are. I thought my chest was big but those bosoms are ginormous!
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

Stick with the fun people. What that second group need is a good dose of Grayson Perry, he would shake them up. Goodness knows what he would have compared the balloons to!!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the world has you in it, what a dull place it would be otherwise!

And as for the weather....that's the down side to us living in the land of the big sky...big rain clouds! :)

BadPenny said...

You & I would be terrible together ! Been away with my mum for a few days & enjoyed the banter in the hotel in the evenings - mum said I was a hoot !
Carry on being you x

Anonymous said...

I say have fun, and please don't change! (I like the Grayson Perry suggestion. Maybe you could do an impersonation?)