Saturday, 15 September 2012


Deer, Old, vil., Aberdeenshire, and par., partly also in detached portion of Banffshire -- par., 27,363 ac., pop. 5104; vil., 1 mile SW. of Mintlaw sta. and 9½ miles W. of Peterhead; P.O.; has remains of St Mary's Abbey of Deer, a Cistercian monastery founded 1218-19; all traces of the previous Columban monastery, founded by Columba and his nephew Drostan (close of the 6th century), have disappeared; according to the Book of Deer, it retained its Columban and Celtic character down to the reign of David I. (1123-1153).

As regards the previous Columban Monastery, it may have disappeared, but it is still being looked for.  The picture shows Michael Wood (is on the tele) and local school children having a look see.  Digging up around Old Deer. Which, I am assured by local historian, Derek Jennings, will continue till they find it.

The Book of Deer.

And a very sun tanned St. Drostan, who was a follower, and nephew of Columba and after whom the church in the village of Old Deer is named.

However.  The visit today to Old Deer by the DP and moi was to view the annual Exhibition of Art at the Kemp Hall, Old Deer.

An old picture postcard of Kemp Memorial Hall.

I have to say that despite having my camera with me, as always, I did not take photographs of the magnificent floral displays that abounded throughout the village.  Could kick myself.  Nor have a more up to day photo of Kemp Memorial Hall.

This huge tub was just outside the hall.

Inside was the exhibition to which both the DP and me had put in some work.

Also inside was Viscount and Viscountess Petersham, or William and Candida, (well they are neighbours) who were the judges.  Now I didnt know that.....they were the judges.  I thought they had just come to have a look.  So I am dragging William round and saying, "Thats mine, and thats mine and....", till I was told, "Jill, shut up, they are the judges."  Well, it was quite obvious that Candida wasn't into birds.  So I slunk off.

We then went to Strichen, another delightful village, though not with as much of a floral display.

This is the start of the North East Open Studios week.  

This is the cafe based in the Lodge at Strichen Community Park.  Wherein three artists were displaying their work.  And a palm was flowering which I had never seen before.  What you have to do apparently, according to the person in charge is, "Overwater it, "  with a glare at the culprit.

So we returned home and I continued with painting stuff that will never win a prize, or be bought, or appreciated.  And overwatered all the outside plants, and the inside plants and made a total exhibition of myself, possibly down to the glass of red to win(e)d up the day.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, loved the bit about you dragging the judges round, unknowingly, lol! That's the kind of stuff I do, hahaha!

All the best to all the NEOS folks! xx

BadPenny said...

I wonder what the judges thought of their guided tour of your paintings !?
I've heard of the book - must have been on the telly.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story! Glad to see you were exhibitionistic, although accidentally.