Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Visitors and Visiting.

As many of you know I spend most afternoons down the shed/summerhouse/drinking den/opera theatre/bird hide.  Well, not always alone!  
Usually one of our two cats joins me.

Over the last few days other visitors have called in.

Big Daddy.  He has become so brave he now hops onto the verandah and peers in.  Little and Middle Daddy still scoot off if I just lift a paint brush.  Making a terrific din as they do.

The deer don't make it into the garden as there are high fences between them and us, but they come near.

Buzzards call above our heads.

The toad was evicted from the garage.

Our wild birds visit in droves.

When I first saw this bounding around the garden I got really excited and thought, "Ye gods, we have a red squirrel."  Then as he/she slowed down I could see it was not a welcome visitor at all.  Corner one of these and it goes for your throat.

Visiting is sometimes as dangerous.

Plotting at the Lighthouse Museum.

At the Mission.

At Cafe Connect.

Sometimes it's safer to be home with the door locked.


Mum said...

You are clearly 'not alone'!
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

What is that mink-like creature? Surely too brown for a mink? Ignorant city girl asking!

Great to see you are plotting and planning with like-minded women.

Jill Chandler said...

Tis a stoat, Christine, not a nice animal at all. We once rescued one, brought to us as we then had an empty rabbit hutch, nursed it back to health and returned it to the wild. Handled at all times, when necessary, with thick leather gloves.

BadPenny said...

Oh a stoat - I thought Pine Martin.
Love your visitor - very handsome.
I like plotting. I also like being home alone !

Jill Chandler said...

Penny - I wish! Pine Martens are much darker.