Sunday, 26 August 2012


Our neighbours across the field to the rear.  At night it is now becoming darker.  The lovely glow of lamplight.

Neighbours further up the lane must have a broken lawn mower.  As these two have made an appearance.

Neighbours to the right of us, who we have not met, but own the walled (secret) garden know nothing of the delights within.

Many of our neighbours are feathered.

But are still very neighbourly.

Our nearest neighbours.  See the pole on the right of the picture?  

We are about to have a serious conversation with these neighbours.  
About strimming the grass verge opposite to their house.  
The pole on the right of the picture is bearing our telephone/broadband cable, and the reason we have been off line for a week is that the strimmer strimmed the *****y cable.


Marjorie said...

Glad you got it figured out. Hope they see your point of view. Good luck.

BadPenny said...

They shouldn't be strimming the verges which are not theirs ! We walk past a verge which has been planted up with hanging basket type looks ridiculous as it should be grass & weeds like the rest of the road ! Sorry to sound like a real grump ! I hate disputes with neighbours...they never go well good luck x

Jill Chandler said...

Oh dear, my sense of humour (does not)strike again. Our neighbours are lovely and laughed as much as we did. It wasnt just their strimming, after all BT should have not left bare wires waiting to be strimmed. If they hadnt strimmed the council would and they take off the hedges where the birds and bees live. Shall now write 100 lines - make yourself clearer and stop trying to be clever!And apologise to my lovely followers.

BadPenny said...

my mistake ! xx