Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm back!

Amazing what one does when no longer connected to the internet.  The Dawn Patroller and I cleared and cleaned the kitchen cupboards.

We moved in here in April 2011.  We moved lock stock and barrel and just shoved everything in.  Then along the way I began to realise that we were no longer doing bed and breakfast and catering for the masses.  So - I suggested we did a clear out and make things work more logistically.  The picture above is all the different flours for all the different dietary requirements of b&b guests.  Gluten free, lactose free, the Americans were the worse with all their intoooolerances.

We have clear shelves!

Items grouped together in a sensible way.

And a lot of stuff to recycle.  Though we still have three toast racks.

I also painted the dull downstairs bathroom with sunshine yellow paint.

Whilst we have been off line the DP has amassed a huge amount of pictures.  I have still yet to wade through them.  However, these are the ones he took last weekend.

Cruden Bay, versus the Vikings, the 1000 year anniversary.

A thousand years ago they came from the sea - this year they came from the pub.

They are back!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good ol' sort out! I did my larder cupboard the other day. I've got a few things needing used up, so I'll be baking this week!

Your blog disappeared from my reading list, and I thought you were having a break or something. Can't believe how many posts I've missed! Finally got caught up! :)

C M Flower said...

I'll take a salt and pepper pot please! and that looks like a decent sized pan you're throwing away there... will it fit in my bag when I come and visit in a few weeks time?

Jill Chandler said...

Dear daughter as usual there is loads you can take away. Hope you have a big enough bag.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Love the DP's Viking pics. And that sunny yellow, we've needed it this summer!

Susan T said...

Well done for sorting the cupboards. I seem to have had just as much to clear out last time and I haven't been running a B&B!. Chuckled at the comments on the Vikings arrival. I think if they came again they may well have turned around and sailed back home.

Anonymous said...

We've had a similar sort-out of our kitchen cupboards and I am always astonished at things that I find that obviously escaped the last three years' cull for some reason!

Wonderful photos and hilarious commentary as usual!

BadPenny said...

You busy bee ! Glad you are back !
I think some of the guys in our carnival came straight from the pub too !

In 1965 when I was a wee girl my parents bought a house in Troon which had been a guest house. The lady Mrs Carswell ( will always remember her name ) left us all the furnature & bedding which was a huge help as we were a big family.

When we moved home to Sussex three years later, they bought an ex kennels. The previous owners left us ALL the kennels !!!! We had two dogs ( who slept in the kitchen !!!! )

Good to have you back xx

Mum said...

I always get a 'chuckle' when reading your blog. Your last sentence just set me off. Mind you - it is sherry time!

Laura Amy said...

Love the Viking photos!

Laura Amy said...

Having a wee nose at these photos again, i spotted my sister behind the vikings in the second picture. Tres amused.