Thursday, 9 August 2012

I am retired? Really?

The view from the shed/summerhoose/drinking den/opera theatre.  Definitely going to paint this one.

Blue is not my favourite colour for within the house.  But outside I just love it.  I am now the proud owner of two potfuls of Agapanthus.  And praying they survive for years to come.

I just love the plant, love the colour and love the contrast of colour.  Yellow roses, brighter yellow Creeping Jenny and the spikes of lavender, and that dash of red as the Oriental Poppies finally 'go over'.

The advice from Doug on Monday was to put lines in to indicate the water reflection, I think it has worked.  But will re paint this picture.

Another of my tribute paintings to Robert Burns.  I have still got looads more to do, the more I read of his poetry the more I am inspired.  He was nae bad.

Some sketches of the pigeons and the loft.

I am trying to plan out a big picture incorporating the lovely retired human pigeon racer, the loft and his pigeons.

So - plenty to do.

Meanwhile, I have other things to do.  

I have been having one hell of a struggle with the local paper.  I send in a report on the doings of all that we volunteers/artists/friends of the lighthouse museum/et al and every time what is printed in the newspaper bears no resemblance to what I have reported.  No dates are given, information is totally changed, we have exhibitions 'returning' when they havent even taken place yet, the bare facts I want to go in are totally ignored.  No wonder I have high blood pressure.

But then, there is always a little bit of light relief.  

Down at the Seamens Mission.  

I had said, "If one more time Murray comes in and gets us all to sing, If you are happy clap your hands, he wont see retirement."  

Guess what - here we all are doing it again.  Today is his last day.  May he have many more, somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

Your art is spectacular, Jill. Yes, as you say, Burns was nae bad! And I'm so pleased you were happy AND clapping. The more I hear about this mythical state of retirement, the more I think people are just about as busy as ever, if they want to be and can be. I hope with the parlous state of things I will be able to enjoy some retirement, someday. But one thing I will never be is retir*ing*!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just don't retire from painting! I am so enjoying seeing your skills develop and your confidence grow as the year rolls on x

BadPenny said...

Agapanthus are quite hardy I think & hope yours survive. I have several under the kitchen window ( don't have blue in the house either ! ) You must paint the scene ! Love your sketch of hands holding the pigeon.