Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Artistry with brush and scissors.

The Wednesday Art Group at Dalrymple Hall, Fraserburgh, is growing.  For many weeks we were lucky to have five of us, but today we had 12!  From beginners to experienced painters we encourage each other.

The lady in blue bending over the lady in white is the most experienced artist among us, and occasionally wanders round and advises us.  We are very, very lucky to have her amongst us.

In the main we all enjoy the session, no matter what our expertise or talent.

But always we share and more importantly have fun.

The last two weeks our task has been to use only three colours.  And to mix them if any more are needed.

Last week I used ultramarine blue, a green, and I think(!)umber. (brown).

Well, apart from the odd looking sheep, I kept chopping off a leg here and there, and then having to put one in again, sheep have four legs, other wise they fall over.  I was quite pleased.  
(Which reminds me of a poem I didnt learn when I was small, which went something like, "  A horse.  Has four legs, one at each corner.")

This week I had a go with Ultramarine Blue, Viridian Green and ( just as I thought I could remember some colours)  a sort of orangey brown.  This one I will do more work on.  The wave splashing up I was quite pleased with so will carry on.  Yes, I know that makes four colours with the white but that is the paper colour, so doesnt count.

In the afternoon I went and had my hair done.  At last I booked myself in to a hairdresser in the Broch.

Coming out - this was the view.  Always give a deep breath in appreciation.  Harbour, lighthouse, boats and sea.  After many years being inland, surrounded by industry, I give a deep breath in appreciation.

And as they say in the Midlands, which we escaped from, "Tara a bit."


BadPenny said...

Your hair looks great ! Lovely colours you've used in your paintings. Had to smile about the four legs & recalling husband explaining to a group of Americans what Haggis is ...
" A wee Beastie with two legs shorter than the others so they can run round hills ! "

Anonymous said...

I don't know what "Tara a bit" means but I think you look great. Are those new specs as well? "Cute!" as we say in America. (As a compliment.)

Your three-colour paintings are very impressive, I would think that would be a big challenge. Yes, sheep do better with four legs, but you've reminded me of a story my mother used to tell me. She and her country-bumpkin pals used to have fun by convincing city-slickers that the cattle standing on hillsides were only the cattle with legs shorter on one side of their body than the other!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, nice hairdo! :) Your art group looks great...lucky you! xx

Sheila said...

About your hairdo - nice to see the "before" picture but where's the "after"?

Jill Chandler said...

Ha ha!

Jill Chandler said...

Christine, it means Goodbye for now. Midlands speak. If you ever visit Dudley in the Midlands you will hear such a broad dialect as difficult as the Doric!