Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday's Flutterings.

So I get swollen ankles. Which went on quite a while.  Before the Summer, like mid August.  Then the Summer came the day after, but you couldn't really say the swelling was from the bit of heat we had the day before.  Still with me?

So I went to the doctor.  Did not actually get to see a doctor, I saw a Specialist Nurse.

Not this one, but similar.  Who looked at her computer and asked me to come back in the afternoon and see the Blood Pressure Nurse.  (I do suffer from high blood pressure, stress related, medicated and under control).  So I got quite stressed at being asked to go away, sort my life out and come back again.  What was the point in seeing this Specialist Nurse, what was she specialist in?  Directing people?  

After taking my blood pressure, which was fine,  she then took an armful of blood.  And suggested the doctor would probably  prescribe me with a water tablet as the swelling was probably down to that, i.e. me not weeing enough.  Hmm.  Seem to spend most of the night having a wander to the loo and back.

I was then summonsed back to have yet more blood taken following STARVING overnight.  Results before had shown I was glucose high and cholesterol high.  Having had blood taken straight after a very satisfying lunch this was not a surprise.  

Total silence following these blood tests which I was told would mean there was not a problem.

However, the Dawn Patroller who also does the shopping, returned from the supermarket with foods that were low cholesterol.

Vomit in a bowl = cottage cheese, well it does for me.  This was placed on top of my baked potato last night.

I am going back to the doctors for a recount.

Meanwhile I raise a glass to you all.  Red wine, not sure whether this will up my cholesterol or  blood sugar.  To be honest I dont really care.
Oh, forgot to mention, ankles are back to being slim again.  


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your ankles are behaving a bit better now. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. xx

Laura Amy said...

i made a noise that can only be described as a guffaw after reading, "Not this one, but similar." under the picture of the nurse. Oh dear!

That aside, i do hope you're feeling well and are back to your cottage-cheese-free norm very soon!

Anonymous said...

Like Amy, you had me laughing out loud with your commentary. I raise my cup of tea to your ankles, and hope all settles down very soon and you can forget about cottage cheese and specialist nurses. x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Jill, Some of the blood pressure meds can make your ankles swell. Happened to me. Could be that simple x