Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesday - a bit tiring.

Yesterday evening on the television at 7p.m. I watched the Edinburgh Tattoo.  Bliss.

Mass Pipe Bands.

The fantastic Secret Drumming Band from Norway.

The lone Piper on the Battlements of Edinburgh Castle.

Back to work this morning.

Our gang at the Seamens Mission in Fraserburgh.  Task in hand was to put velcro stickers on the 155 cd disc covers that have been donated for the exhibition at the Lighthouse Museum.  The exhibition starts on Tuesday next week.  Tuesday morning we go and display the disc covers on to exhibition boards placed in the cafe there.  The Dawn Patroller's photographic exhibition comes down.  He has sold one photograph, framed, and some mounted ones and cards, so quite successful for a first time.

I have to mention that is is my responsibility to care for the 155 works of art.  Part of that responsibility was taking them this morning to have their velcro put on.  Had you seen me staggering round the harbour with a blue Ikea bag stuffed with them, plus a see through ex super king bed cover  bag you would have given me first prize as a bag lady.  Fortunately I had some help to return them to my car boot.

Lunch at the Lighthouse Museum and I was presented with yet more disc covers with art in them, that had been handed in.

I leave you with one of those magical moments we are lucky enough to experience living where we do.

This was taken yesterday evening, in the dark, so has been enhanced.  This stag spent an age feeding in the barley field.  As it got too dark to see it looked as if he was lying down and ready to spend the night.

Which is about the stage I am at, though not in the field.


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Wow Jill, you are so lucky to see these things, even if it was dark!

BadPenny said...

You bag lady Ha Ha ! My Grandmother went through waste bins looking for tabs off coke tins when my cousin was making a funky belt by slotting them together !!!
Good luck with the exhibition & what a wonderful sight that stag is.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photo of the stag - how wonderful it must have been to see it in real life. And of course I wish I could have seen you stumbling round the harbour with a full blue Ikea bag - maybe another time? All for a good cause. Well done to the DP and well done to you.