Friday, 3 August 2012

Get off my back!

Just look at the expression on this cow's face!

Are they warming their feet?

A deer posing prettily. Minus anything feathered on its back.

Now this was a water fountain.  It had Androcles and the Lion stood on top.  But watching water come out of the lion's mouth was just too much for me.  So we left Androcles and the Lion back at our previous home, hidden in the lush growth of the herbaceous border.   Just brought this base with us and punched a few holes in the base and planted succulents in it.  Plus some tinkly pot toadstools.

This year those succulents have gone mad.

And flowered.

Bit blurry, tis the wine.

Just shows that you do not need much of a garden to have blooms.

You do sometimes think the worlds gone mad.  No proper seasons.  I was reading when to prune the cherry trees we have in abundance, as one prevents us walking down a path, and it said Spring.  With a light clip in Autumn.  Now when was Spring?  Have we had Summer?  Could it be Autumn?

Back to sanity and the shed/drinking den/opera theatre/art studio

From a photograph by Joe Steel.  Thanks Joe.

I have no-one on my back at the moment.  All alone with 2 cats and bottle of wine.  Sith is now healed from a nasty gash across his tummy, neither we nor the vets can work out how that happened.

The Dawn Patroller is in Edinburgh moving daughter 4 and seeing daughter 1 and 2 grandchildren.

So - lets hope we all have a lovely, sunny weekend.  With nothing on our backs but sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Hee Hee. I've never seen a boat carrying a lighthouse before!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I don't know about Anonymous but it looks like the boat is just sailing by to me! Love the colours in this one Jill x

Anonymous said...

Jill I LOVE that painting/print of the boat going past the lighthouse! Really beautiful.

BadPenny said...

Oh !!! I must show this to Joe ( when he finally gets out of bed ! ) Lovely x