Sunday, 19 August 2012

Piping Hot!

Two days in a row that the DP and I go on a jaunt.

Today was the annual North of Scotland Champion of Champions Pipe Band Contest.

At Aden Country Park, Mintlaw.  (note to self to do another post about Aden.)

The Pipe band is the Fraserburgh Royal British Legion Pipe Band, and I know the person playing the big drum.

 Never before have I seen her without a smile on her face.  Presumably one is not allowed to show delight.

The competition starts at 12.30p.m. so first stop is for a venison burger.

Then the judging starts.  Note kilted man with clipboard.

Drum Majors do not actually play a drum.  They have a big stick which they gesticulate with and occasionally throw it up in the air and catch it. (not when I have the video switched on.)

This is another band , I think 9 in all that entertained us and were judged.

We did not stay for the results as my ankles were swelling and I had to drive home so had to avoid the beer tent.

This is a picture of me, I was so excited at being able to wear Summer Clothes, revealing bare skin.  So glad I hadnt put it all in the charity bag, I am suffering now as I am a lot redder, nay,  glowing this evening.

And finally, a picture of Minerva McGonagall looking spooky in the (warm!) evening light.

Piping Hot!


BadPenny said...

Minerva does look scarey !
That's a lot of kilts swishing around !
You look glowing x

Anonymous said...

There really is nothing like a pipe band - I love them! Glad you've had a chance to have bare arms. On Monday I was marvelling at being out without a cardigan! Amazing.

I've never been to Aden - do show us!

Anonymous said...

My childhood was spent in the midst of pipe bands. My Dad and both brothers were in one, and it completely took over every weekend during the summer! I get very emotional when I hear a pipe band starting up, especially since my Dad became ill. Glad you had some fab weather, it makes all the difference! xx