Sunday, 12 August 2012

It is hard tightening one's belt when the belt keeps breaking.

We had good weather.  It was not raining. 

 Time to cut the grass.  

We have a steep slope in part of our garden so we have a light weight electric mower.  Somehow that bent a blade.

So out comes the petrol mower which goes so far, then refuses to re-start.

Must be time for lunch, and defrost the home made soup out of the freezer.

It didnt actually burst into flames but even after taking the plug from the wall it kept on fizzing......

And then...the main computer packed up.  The one the Dawn Patroller has all his photographs on.  Well, yes there is a back up one that stores the most, and this is what he was about to do and transfer the latest batch, when boom or should I say thud.  It refused to start.

Sorry for all the cartoons, but I am bereft of 'real' pictures due to the above.

So, we went out for a meal with our friends and forgot about it all.

The view from the restaurant shows my favourite lighthouse, Rattray Head.

Another favourite view is men in kilts.

There was a wedding also taking place at the hotel, where we were eating.

After all, you do not need a microwave just to heat soup, the blade on the electric mower can be replaced, the petrol mower just needed a bit of t.l.c. and some swearing and some adjusting (after I spent some considerable time finding the socket set in the garage.)  And we have a very nice man who is coming to fix the computer tomorrow.  And my camera still works.  And my trousers are still being held up by the belt.

We havent tried the strimmer yet.....

I apologise for the following, but we all suffer from the anonymous comment and I really should not bite, but one of this person's comment, it has to be the same one, on a particularly brave person's blog really made me see red, so here you go.

Anonymous.  If you are going to read my blog, read all of it rather than select parts which you put your own sad, small minded slant on.
Remember I am the one with the delete button.
You have one too.
If I offend you, or anyone else who shares their life and experiences, you too can delete .  Get a life.


Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air! Our hoover exploded in a puff of acrid blue smoke yesterday. Disaster struck a second time when a pot of paint had split and spilled over the handle and brake of my daughter's wheelchair. Luckily my husband and I were able to strip it back and clean it off (the wheelchair handle) and you'd hardly know now. And I found a newer model of the old hoover.

I agree with your message to Anonymous. I was interested to see that they arrested that person who wrote horrible things on Twitter about and to Tom Daley. What is wrong with people? The invention of the delete button has to be an even greater thing than the invention of computers and the internet. xox

BadPenny said...

Popped over to catch up with you... anons are gutless & pathetic !
When our microwave fizzed we knew the end had come ( and I had just cleaned it ! )I haven't replaced it & don't miss it.
Glad you had a nice meal out - someone else to cook & clear up is always a treat. Eye Candy too !